Mercadillo del Agricultor Cruz del Carmen


A small tourist attraction.

It is not a market, but they are positioning themselves that way in the tourist brochures!!!


A small counter with local fruits and vegetables.

The building that housed the coffee shop for tourists and souvenir shop.

The prices are quite high – all for our lovely tourists!!!



San Cristobal de La Laguna, Cruz del Carmen.

Easy access. But there is a big problem with the parking space – a lot of buses and cars, so you can wait for a life for your parking place.

Parking and observation deck is located on the other side of the road.


Hours of operation:

On a daily basis. Hourly is not specified.


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TenerifeMercados, 24.08.2016
Как туристическому аттракциону, можно поставить "4". Как сельскохозяйственному рынку - "0". Поставлю "3". Делать там не чего...