Mercadillo de Productos Agricolas, Ganaderos y Artesanos de La Orotava


 Urban farmers market opened in June 9, 2007.

Solid, large and spacious market.

Vendors specialize in "ecological" or "organic" products.

The most widely "organic" products is represented by the following species:

- vegetables

- fruit

- eggs

- chickens

This is the place for trade and traditional products:

- vegetables

- fruit

- products of beekeeping

- cheeses and products made on the basis of cheese

- fresh meat and meat products

- salted fish and meat

- Handicrafts handmade

- bakery products

- sweets

- fresh flowers

- plants.


On "organic" products sellers keep prices accordingly.

But they taste like grandma's garden!!!

I recommend trying.


The market is very bright, cute, positive.

Not so many seller, wide aisles.

Very comfortable.



La Orotava, Calle Lucia Mesa.

Very short street.

The entrance to the market is quite confusing.

The first time I missed it, although all the signs are there.

It is better to use Navigator.

The market offers free Parking. A little further and lower from the market is another very large Parking lot.


Hours of operation:

Saturday from 8.00 to 13.30


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