Mercadillo de Güímar


 A great little market!!!

The market is located slightly away from major highways, which is not quite convenient.
On the other hand, this is good, as the prices here are calculated for the local population. And I must say that they differ from prices on other major markets.

Despite the fact that its area is very small, you can buy almost everything ordinary and exotic fruits and vegetables, eggs.
The prices for eggs (really tasty eggs!) are really nice.

Guimar, Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Special Parking is not provided. Only in the surrounding streets. Is quite problematic.

Hours of operation:
Sunday from 8.00 to 13.30

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Autor, 13.04.2016
Отличный "атмосферный" рынок. Сначала попадаешь в людскую толчею, изобилие красок на столах, гомон... Потом можно прекрасно передохнуть в какой-нибудь кафешке, которых вокруг полно. Город контрастов. )))