Mercadillo de Playa San Juan


 The market is small. Sell the manufacturers themselves.

The range of seasonal agricultural products.
This is the same market that operates in Alcala and Guía de Isora: roams on different days in different towns.

Guía de Isora, Playa San Juan, Plaza de la Iglesia.
With Parking near the market bad all busy local. Quite fluent in Avenida del Emigrante (along the seafront), there are places on both sides of the road, and free Parking time. Walk to the market for 5-7 minutes.

Hours of operation:
Wednesday from 08.00 to 13.00

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Александа, 23.09.2016
Оличное место, прекрасное качество!
Андрей, 20.04.2016
Не впечатлило. Да и сам городок не примечательный. Есть где погулять на набережной.